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The Croydon Talking Newspaper is a weekly audio version of the Croydon Advertiser edited and read by Roger Bing. It is also accompanied by a local audio magazine read by a rota of presenters.

Latest News:

Croydon Vision News September 2016


Facebook can be a good thing

by chief executive Jeff Page

SOCIAL MEDIA often receives a bad press with regular reports in the press concerning online bullying and the addictive nature of the medium.

Facebook, Twitter etc can make people feel competitive about who has the best life, and we are tempted to promote an idealised version of ourselves to the world.

There is a positive side, however, including the ability to stay in touch easily with friends and family which can bring about a feeling of closeness to people living far away.  The ability to directly contact all your Facebook Friends in one go can be incredibly useful. (more…)

Croydon Vision News August 2016


We’re favourites of


by chief executive Jeff Page

I have just been informed of the good news that, as a result of a public vote, Croydon Vision is to be the Charity of the Year at the Crystal Palace branch of Sainsbury’s.  This will be a great opportunity both to raise funds and to raise awareness of what we do here at Croydon Vision.

Many thanks to people who voted in the on-line poll or in the store itself. (more…)



We have launched a campaign to reach the borough’s residents of African and Caribbean heritage. Latest figures show this community are up to eight times more likely than some other groups to develop the eye disease Glaucoma.

Glaucoma, if undetected and untreated can rob people of their sight – possibly all of it.


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