Croydon Vision News April 2018

Janet – Finance Officer Croydon Vision


Firstly may I introduce myself, my name is Janet Mundy and I am the Finance Officer here at Croydon Vision. I joined here in October last year; you may have seen me around probably making myself a cup of tea!

Usually I am tucked away in an office counting money and paying bills but for the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to work on the front reception desk. This has been an invaluable experience as I have been able to see what really goes on at the centre and of course have met some wonderful people who participate in the various activities that go on each day. This has helped me in my finance role as I have some background to every transaction which somehow makes my job more fulfilling.

My background has always been in accountancy but this is the first time I have worked for a charity. I am constantly amazed at how Croydon Vision continues to produce excellent work and support for the members in this caring environment. I see the many generous donations that are received on a daily basis and appreciate how extremely important, large or small, these are to the survival of such a centre.

Likewise, I have seen the many volunteers that attend each day who happily give up their time to help those less fortunate than themselves. I call this another form of donation, a donation of time.

A survey by RSBC on the challenges facing blind children in the UK.

According to the report over a quarter of the public (adults) believe that blind children have different dreams and aspirations to their sighted peers.

Very little is known by the public on the impact of sight loss on children’s lives. Almost one fifth of those surveyed don’t know what effect being blind or visually impaired will have on a young person’s life with only 11% thinking that blindness makes it difficult to make friends.

This comes despite the fact that 2 out of 5 blind children have no local friends to play with. Nine out of 10 blind children won’t have a long term job when they grow up and blind children are more likely to live on or below the poverty line.

To tackle this locally, Croydon Vision is currently recruiting for a Development Officer to have in post April 2018 with the aim to support blind and visually impaired children and Young Adult to lead fulfilling lives.

Other findings from the survey by RSBC:

  • 60% of people in employment said that they have never come across a blind or visually impaired person at work.
  • 52% of respondents believe that blind and visually impaired children won’t be able to live alone in adulthood, travel, cook or take care of finances, independently.

To read the full article see link below:

Works for Me Programme
Employment advice for blind and partially sighted people.

Only 27% of blind and partially sighted people of working age are in employment. The Works for Me programme in partnership with Croydon Vision, provides expert employment advice for blind and partially sighted people.
We can help with getting you work or retaining your existing job.

Works for Me is open to all visually impaired people who live, work or study in London between the ages of 18 – 65.

What’s on offer:

One to one advice from our employment expert.

  • Available by phone/email/face to face.
  • Groups led by people sharing their experiences of working with sight loss.
  • Putting you in contact with other experts that can help.IT trainers, counsellors and self-employment advisors.
  • Our networking events put you in touch with other blind and partially sighted people who are in work or looking for work.


Works for Me programme is coming to Croydon Vision
6th April 2018 from 10am onwards.

Please contact: Amardeep Tokhi,
or call 07773 584028

Accessible Cities

Last month we mentioned about Bluetooth Beacons in Australia helping visually impaired people navigate the station independently.

This month we are taking a look a little closer to home at Chester. Chester is renowned for its two mile circuit of Roman, Saxon and Medieval walls and its elevated walkways called the Rows. As you can imagine this is not the most friendly area for anyone in a wheelchair.

In 2017 Chester took a bold move, the Rows have been made accessible with ramps, a lift and an escalator, so now anyone can make their way onto the elevated walkways. There is also a gentle hill slope up to the walls. Thought has also been given to Visually Impaired visitors with tactile handrails.

Chester is in the process of a 15 year regeneration strategy which is prioritising accessibility in new developments.

There is a new leisure development that will have accessible stores, restaurants, housing and even a hotel with eight accessible rooms with ceiling hoists.

The year old cultural centre has seven accessible toilets, flexabile seating for groups of disabled theatre goers, audio description and hearing loops. The accessibility doesn’t stop front of house though, backstage there is an accessible toilet, changing rooms and lift.

Chester Zoo has multisensory experiences for visitors with visual impairments, along with the zoo being fully accessible for those in a wheelchair, and free access for personal assistants and free disabled parking.

Chester is showing us that despite being a historic city with all the problems that entails there is no reason not to strive for accessibility, and in 2017 Chester was named as the most accessible city in Europe.

The South London V I Women’s meeting group


On a snowy Monday evening in March, which was supposed be the first day of spring, some of the group met up at Box Park in Croydon.

It was a chance to meet new and old members to catch up. Despite, being cold outside it was lovely and warm inside especially under the heated lamps.

There was much chatter and laughter. Members tried and shared out different foods from around the world. I have tried chili chips which I would recommend but not if you are not a fan of spicy food. A member was introduced to sweet potatoes chips. Which she declared were a hit and would get them again.

We discussed activities for future events. Going to London, the parks or make up event were some of the ideas. If you should have any more suggestions please submit and come. More women the merrier.

In all it was a fun night. So, thank you to Karrie and Chloe for organising this evening. Also, a big thank you to the volunteers who braved the cold.

We meet each month. Some events will happen during the day or in the evening.

The retiring editor wishes to apologise for announcing the Glaucoma Group would be meeting on Easter Monday, when you should be recovering from eating too many Chocolate Eggs.

The next Meeting is on Monday 4th June



Food for All

By the time this goes to print there will have been two more of Trevor’s meals from around the world, but at the time of writing I can only comment on one of them.

The event in February coincided with our first week of snow this year but intrepid eaters braved the cold and ice and made their way to Bedford hall, making their way through the car park with care.

When they arrived at the Hall it was full of the smells of International cuisine. There were Onion Bhajis, Samosas, Tempere Prawns with sweet and sour source, Canapes, Green Salad and BBQ Chicken all followed by Fruit Salad.

Those of us lucky enough to be at work that day were treated to a hot meal that really helped us keep going.


The next event will be on:

April 30th – Chinese Cuisine

Spring rolls, Tampere Prawns, Sweet n Sour Chicken, Rice, Pineapple Crumble

Don’t forget to book your ticket at reception!

Next month we will be able to bring you the results of the Raffle and Auction

We are looking to organise another raffle at next month’s lunch event as well, until we successfully raise the funds to improve our audio system at Bedford Hall.
Please support us to raise funds for this project.

Katherine’s Tech


If you subscribe to Calibre talking books, they now have an app for Android and Apple. It is fully accessible with or without a screen reader and gives you access to the Calibre talking library and the option to choose the specific book you want.

If you want to become a calibre member it is a single fee of £35 you can either sign up online at or give them a call on 01296 432 339.


RNIB Talking books

The RNIB have a free talking book service and are available on Daisy CD, USB or also Via Digital Download.

Once you have signed up with the RNIB Talking books service, you either give them a list of the type of book you wish to listen to, and these will be sent through the post, or if you have signed up to the Digital Download you can choose your  own books from their extensive library.

You can either sign up online at or give the RNIB a call on 0303 123 9999

We have been supported through John Lewis’ Community Matters Scheme between February 2018 and April 2018. Community Matters is a charity that donates £3000 between three local good causes every three months.

Please spread the word and visit the store to collect a token to support
Croydon Vision


Talking News

Would you like to know all the latest weekly news about Croydon and to listen to a talking magazine? If so why not put your name down with the office, it costs £10 for the year. A bargain when you think you receive it 50 weeks in the year!

Each section last about 28 minutes. The magazine section is presented by several different people who all have their own style. It comes in the form of a memory stick so you might have to ask CV for a boom box

Sue Ardley


Talking of the Talking news, we are still on the lookout for more presenters for the magazine side.

Maybe you have a passion that you would like to tell to others. Do you have fascinating life stories that we can be astounded by, or maybe laugh along with.

We are having a recurring guest slot in our schedule. If you are interested, or just want to find out more, please talk to Katherine or Rachel.


Save the Date

Brothers in Law are holding a Quiz night, 11th May from 7:30pm
with a Fish and Chips supper, Vegetarian option available,
bring your own drink.
£10 only for Croydon Members and Friends
All proceeds go to Croydon Vision.
Ask Reception for further details.

Travel Disruption

The first fifteen days of April there are some major upheavals due to Track replacement works for Tramline:

30th March and 4th April no trams will be running between Sandilands and Reeves Corner.

5th April and 8th April no trams will be running between East Croydon and Reeves Corner.

There will be replacement bus services for the first closure, and local buses run the route of the second.

Because of the track replacement works there are also some road closures and these are going on for longer:

30th March and 15th April Addiscombe Road, Cherry Orchard Road and George Street are closed to Traffic; this will lead to delays in the area and some routes being changed.

If you are being brought into Bedford Hall by the minibuses please do be patient with us as we try to navigate the centre of Croydon during this time.

VI Cricket

Surry CCC is running a VI Cricket programme. It is on 21st April between 1-5pm at Trinity School. There are team players who give extra coaching support so it is a great way to have a go even if you have no experience of Cricket.

If you would like to find out more please contact Gavin Reynolds on 07725 203962

Farewell Win

A worker at the heart of Croydon Vision for many years has died aged 93.

For over 20 years, Win Walton worked as a volunteer for Croydon Vision. Her contribution over the years was immense, her positive influence was such that successive long standing directors Ann Smith and Richard James both held her in very high esteem. Her style of work was such, it reinforced the core values of the organisation, her dedication and selfless style created an influence that others in the organisation would follow.

Win ran the Thursday afternoon group, her empathy with every individual created special relationships. She took an interest in everyone, if people were ill or in hospital she would keep in touch, visiting those in hospital and those who became housebound and could no longer attend Bedford Hall. An honest plain speaking style meant everyone knew were they stood, with her open minded approach, her integrity and sincerity made her a very popular person.

Win retired from Croydon Vision five years ago because of failing health, her professionalism, integrity and devotion to the people she served will always stand as testament to quality care and devotion to others.

Win’s funeral service will be held at Beckenham Crematorium, at 12.00 o clock on Thursday 5th April.


Richard James

Quiz Time

A Patriotic Feel

  1. Who is the Patron Saint of Wales?
  2. When is his day?
  3. What flower represents this day?
  4. Who is the Patron Saint of Ireland?
  5. When is his day?
  6. What flower represents this day?
  7. Who is the Patron Saint of England?
  8. When is his day?
  9. What flower represents this day?
  10. Who is the Patron Saint of Scotland?
  11. When is his day?
  12. What flower represents this day?
  13. When was the modern Union flag created? 1606, 1707, 1801
  14. Which Patron Saint’s is also the birthday of a playwright?
  15. Does flying the Union Flag upside down signal distress?



1 St David 2 1st March 3 Daffodil/Leek 4 St Patrick 5 17th March 6 Shamrock 7 St George 8 23rd April 9 Rose 10 St Andrew 11 30th November 12 Thistle 13 1801, A version was designed with James the I/VI came to the throne, it was adopted as the National Flag in 1707, and the Red diagonal Cross for Ireland was added in 1801 14 St George, it is also Shakespeare’s Birthday and Death day 15 No


Just For Fun

How many other Patron Saints can you think of? E.g. St Roch is the Patron Saint of Feet


That’s Entertainment

A selection of Audio Described performances in London next month.

The Inheritance Part 2 – Tues 1st May 7:15pm (Touch Tour 6pm)

Young Vic Theatre, Waterloo

T: 020 7922 2922    E:     £10-£38

Quiz – Sat 5th May 2:30pm

Noel Coward Theatre, Leicester Square

T: 0344 482 5137    E:                       £25

Disney’s Aladdin – Tues 8th May 7:30 (Touch Tour 5:30pm)

Prince Edward Theatre, Old Compton Street

T: 0844 482 5165    E:                               £37.50

The Way of the World – Sat 12th May 2:30pm (Touch Tour 1pm)

Donmar Warehouse, Earlham Street

T: 020 3283 3808    E:       £20

The Moderate Soprano – Tues 15th May 7:30pm
(Touch Tour 6pm)                                                   £22.66-£45.32

Duke of York’s Theatre, St Martin’s Lane

T: 020 7565 6485    E:

Mood Music – Tues 29th May 7:30pm (Touch Tour 6pm)

The Old Vic Theatre, The Cut (Waterloo)

T: 0844 871 7628    E:                £21


Telephone numbers for local theatres

New Wimbledon theatre 0844 871 7646

Bromley Theatre      0203 285 6000


  • ­     Fiona Hazell, optometrist with Low Vision Clinic, will be at Bedford Hall on this date this month, Thursday 12th April, , between 9.30am and 12.30pm. She gives expert advice. This is       a free consultation, but please book first.
  • ­     If you need the services of Croydon Hearing, you can always contact them at 020 8686 0049.
  • ­     Joseph the hairdresser hasn’t yet confirmed his next meeting date at Bedford Hall, please check weekly with the office, once a date is agreed you will be notified.
  • ­     The chiropodist Joy Dell will here on Wednesday 4th April. Please book with Reception.
  • ­     The IT Coordinator Katherine Turner has two drop-in sessions to help with any IT problems you may have. They are on Tuesday 24th April, and Wednesday 25th April, between             1.30pm – 2pm. Her regular Teaching sessions are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • ­     The next meeting of Croydon Macular Support Group is on Monday, 9th April from 1- 3pm.
  • ­     The Glaucoma Group will meet here next on Monday 4th June, at 1.30pm, Sorry for the incorrect date in last month’s newsletter, there will be no meeting on Easter Monday.
  • ­     Karrie Ashfield, Information, Advice and Guidance, is in on every Tuesday and alternate Wednesdays and Thursdays, please book through reception.



We were sad to hear of the death of Mr John Stadon, Mrs Win Walton and Mrs Mary Quinn.

Menus for April

Tues 3rd        Sausage Casserole, Mash, Broccoli, Peas

Apricots & Ice Cream

Wed 4th         Café Style Lunch

Cheesecake and Cream

Thurs 5th       Roast Pork, Roast Potatoes, Green Beans, Carrots



Tues 10th      Boiled Bacon, Pease Pudding, Roast Potatoes, Cauliflower, Swede

Fruit Cocktail & Cream

Wed 11th       Café Style Lunch


Thurs 12th     Turkey Escallops, Mushrooms, Tomato, Mash

Meringue Nests & Fruit


Tues 17th      Chicken Pie, Mash, Mixed Veg

Bananas & Ice Cream

Wed 18th       Café Style Lunch


Thurs 19th     Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding, Roast Pots, Cauliflower, Peas

Pears & Ice Cream


Tues 24th      Battered Fish, Wedges, Broccoli, Peas

Peaches & Custard

Wed 25th       Café Style Lunch

Lemon Meringue Pie

Thurs 26th     Roast Pork, Roast Pots, Broccoli, Carrots

Fruit Cocktail & Dream Topping

New Addington menus

Thurs 5th       Roast Pork, Roast Potatoes, Green Beans, Carrots


Thurs 12th     Sausages, Onions, Mash, Mixed Veg

Mandarins & Cream

Thurs 19th     Chicken Pie, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Peas

                      Cheesecake & Cream

Thurs 26th     Shepherd’s Pie, Broccoli

Lemon Meringue Pie & Cream


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