Croydon Vision News July 2018

Open Day

Well what an enjoyable day it was, the weather was perfect, the atmosphere was one of laughter, fun and engagement.

It was great to arrive and see tables all scattered around the car park, the barbeque emanating inviting smells and all the volunteers and staff decked out in the CV purple polo shirts.

The Mayor gave us an interesting speech in which she said she empathised with what we were doing as she fostered children and one was a blind boy.

The visitors who were all given the CV welcome pack on arrival were so impressed with what Croydon Vision is offering members.

The hot/cold buffet was very tasty as was the BBQ food.

The activities in the Hall went really well with many people joining in with the dancing and the seated keep fit. The bowls raised lots of laughs as some members, volunteers and staff all had a go, the woods were ending up all over the hall but some did stay on the green carpet! The Art, Pottery and Craft Exhibition in the main building received much praise, as did the Quiz.

The raffle had lots of really good prizes and hence was very popular and raised over £200.

So well done to Team CV and all who helped in the planning and to all volunteers and staff who helped and a special mention to Shaun who organised the tables and chairs which meant that the programme kept to time.

As a final note I met a member at the bus stop who was all smiles and said what a lovely time she had had and that she was going home happy.


JohnPaul Ebubedike – Information and Advice Officer

My name is JohnPaul Ebubedike, I am known here at Croydon Vision as John. I work here as the Information and Advice Officer.

I have previously worked in a charity organisation as the office and building management as well as Pastoral Care. I believe it is my desire to help people, which prepared me for this role. My previous role enables me to be more patient, empathic and understanding. I also enjoy meeting new people and learning new things and facing different challenges daily.

I studied law at degree level and have taken a few professional accounting qualifications. I enjoying reading, keeping fit, I am keen sports fan, these including football, athletics, rugby, cricket, tennis and am not impartial to watching a bit of golf. I also enjoy films such 12 Angry Men, Lord of the Rings. My bucket list includes running the marathon, racing a sport car at either Silverstone or brands hatch. I hope to still be around to see cars fly.

At Croydon Vision, I am the first point of contact for member queries. I help answer any question for anyone with sight loss or anyone affected by sight loss such as family members. I help with any everyday problems such as housing problems, transport and utility issues. I work closely with the Sensory Impairment team at the council, Moorfields eye hospital. I also advise on financial and other benefits and help with advocacy assistance for problems arising due to sight loss.

Thank you for taking time to know more about me, I look forward to knowing more about you all.

A few updates from Susanette

Legacy Fund – Lesley Elizabeth Terry
We received a legacy gift from the estate of Lesley Terry, a cheque of £90,000 representing an interim distribution from the estate. We are looking to invest this funds by improving accessibility of the building and honouring Lesley’s generosity.

We would like to bring to the attention of members the importance of leaving a bequest/legacy in your will – leaving a bequest is an opportunity for you to continue helping and provide for your loved ones and the causes you care about after you’re gone.

Leaving a bequest is also a practical way of showing your gratitude for the support you might have received from Croydon Vision.

It is little known fact that Croydon Vision wouldn’t survive without gifts in wills. I do hope you will consider leaving a gift in your will to Croydon Vision, to maintain sustainability and service provision for many others.

If you require further information, please contact me.

Swimathon February 2018 – huge congrats to All participants:
Lauren Crisp
Ella Crisp
Karrie Ashfield
Sarah Parry
Steve Marchese

You All raised a whopping £337 for Croydon Vision, we received cheque and certificates 25th June 2018. Please collect your certificate from Natasha.

Annual General Meeting – 2017/18

The AGM for 2017/18 is likely to take place 1st week of December – further information will follow in due time.

Children in Need grant
Croydon Vision was recently awarded a 3 year grant from Children in need, this was an application written by Alan Whetherly (previous Children’s Development Worker) – a huge thanks and well done to him. The grant will further help to improve the children and young people’s service now led by Nicola Peake.

The grant will focus on the following areas:

Monthly peer support
rebuilding confidence and a sense of belonging for our young people

Sport/active working
to improve levels of physical activity

Travel training for social outings
to increase ability to travel independently
Recent Events – June 2018:
A huge thanks to the Woldingham wives – such a lovely day out for our members, the singalong was priceless, food was in abundance and weather was just amazing. I’m sure you can all join me to say Thank you for a splendid day out!

Open Day Event – great support and team work from All at Croydon Vision, making the day a success, thanks members, volunteers and staffs, so blessed to have you All as part of Team CV.

Trevor’s meal (Indian Cuisine)
Turnout was brilliant – food was amazing, thanks Trevor and team for organising this monthly treat for members. Special thanks to Trevor and Jennifer for clearing up on the day.

Next meal date 30th July 2018

Shaun Greggory – Facilities Officer

Hello, my name is Shaun, for the past six years I have been providing a cleaning service for Croydon Vision and at times a handy man when extra help was needed. After some time working here, I wanted to take on a more involved role with more responsibilities.

On the 29th May, I took on the role as facilities officer. In this role, I will be ensuring the buildings are safe and that staff and members are safe during their visits at Croydon Vision.

I am keen to get to know the members and volunteers of Croydon Vision and listen to their perspectives and ideas about the future of Croydon Vision, and how I can assist them if needed.

It was lovely to meet some of the members at our open day on Friday 22nd and I promise I will remember their names eventually. Open day turned out well and I’m looking forward to our next one.

Thank You

Thank you to all friends at Croydon Vision for the cards and gifts you gave me when I left, and for the email messages received from so many of the volunteers.

I’m sorry I didn’t get around to seeing everyone to say goodbye in person. I have appreciated your help and friendship over three and a half years and will miss you all. Best wishes for the future to Croydon Vision and its members.

Rachel Stockdale


Children’s Sweet Meet


On Thursday 31st May I was very lucky to meet Charlie, Holly and Ellie who are part of our children and young people initiative. They are all visually impaired and whilst on half-term from school, it was a great opportunity to introduce myself and talk about future activities we could run.

We treated ourselves to delicious ice cream sundaes at a café called Afters in South Croydon. The children came up with lots of new ideas and told me all about their school, friends and favourite foods! I am looking forward to meeting more of the children and young people over the next few months.

Sing-along Afternoon

On Tuesday 24th July Evelyn Wilson, one of our members who attends the social groups on a Tuesday, and her husband, Gordon will be presenting what promises to be a very enjoyable and entertaining afternoon of music in the Hall at 2pm.

They will be playing songs from the shows, musicals and all the oldie favourites for you to sing along with. There will be some percussion instruments available for those who wish to play them. They will also play some duets.

Singing is not compulsory so just come along and enjoy the afternoon!

If you would like to have lunch first and are not usually in on a Tuesday please book with the office. Look forward to seeing you!

In Your Pocket

This is a new device from the RNIB, which brings together the simple functions of a phone, calls and texts, and the ability to read books, magazines and newspapers.

The easiest thing about it is it is all done using your voice so no complicated gestures or sequence of buttons to remember.

You can either buy the Android phone outright, and use it with your own plan, or get it on a £20 a month contract that also includes a subscription to the RNIB talking news library.

Once you get it out of the box and charge it, it is as easy as pressing a button and asking it what to do.

If you want to try it out, why not ask Katherine or come along to one of her drop in sessions to give it a go.

Be My Eyes – update

The app for both iPhone and Android that connects you with a sighted volunteer to assist with reading things has gone into partnership with Microsoft.

When you open the app you now have the option of specialised help which takes you to a list of specialised services, the first is Be My Eyes Technical Support, but it’s the second which is the interesting one. Microsoft connects you with the Disability Answer desk who should have the knowledge to answer technical questions about Microsoft problems.

Just a note the Disability Answer desk is situated in America so for us the times we can contact them are 4:30pm to 1:00am and only during the week.

Come and Join Us Bowling

Let’s play indoors short mat bowls which takes place every Monday morning in Bedford hall from 10am till 12noon. It’s an easy game which has been updated to accommodate members who have sight loss. May I suggest that members drop in on Monday morning, watch what we do and join the action with the assistance of Patrick who helps the game to stroll along. We are a very social club and make everybody very very welcome. I should look forward to meeting you very soon, Monday morning. In the meantime, I bid you farewell.

Thank you

Geoff Dorey

A Game of Strategy

Most gods throw dice, but Fate plays chess, and you don’t find out till too late that he’s been playing with two queens all along.

Terry Pratchett


One of our members, Richard Hill, would much appreciate meeting anyone who would enjoy a game of chess. Please leave your name with Natasha at Reception.

If enough of you are interested Richard has suggested that a Chess Group might be feasible.

Richard stresses that all will be welcome at whatever level they play. And unlike fate he will only play with one Queen!

Quiz Time

This month is a non-sport sport quiz!

  1. Which football team are known as the Canaries?
  2. Why is Pickles known in the world of sport?
  3. Which film was about Eric Liddell’s Olympic win?
  4. Who was involved in the collision with Zola Budd?
  5. Which Sportsman successfully sued 118?
  6. What game used to be played with cigar box lids?
  7. What was the Rumble in the Jungle?
  8. Whose entry into the Winter Olympics changed the regulations regarding the ski jump?
  9. Why do some football teams have rectangular corner flags whilst others have triangles?
  10. Where was the game of Snooker created?
  11. Where were the first Paralympics held?
  12. Which female showjumper has a successful career writing stories to encourage girls in their careers?
  13. When has Scotland beaten England?
  14. Who was Shirley Crabtree?
  15. Which modern day athlete refused to compete on a Sunday?


1 Norwich City 2 He’s the dog that found the world cup in 1966 3 Chariots of Fire 4 Mary Decker 5 David Bedford 6 Table Tennis (Wiff Waff) 7 The prize fight between Muhammed Ali and George Foreman 8 Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards 9 It is a long running tradition to have triangular flags if you have won the FA Cup. 10 In India by an Officer called Sir Neville Francis Fitzgerald Chamberlain 11Stoke Manderville 12 Pat Smythe 13 2018 by 6 runs 14 Big Daddy a Wrestler 15 Jonathan Edwards (Triple Jump)


That’s Entertainment


A selection of Audio Described performances in London next month.

Alkaline – Thur 2nd August 7:45pm (Touch Tour 6pm)

Park Theatre, Clifton Terrace

T: 020 7870 6876    E:              £16.50

Carman La Cubana – Sat 11th August 2:30pm (Touch Tour 12:45pm)

Sadler’s Wells Theatre, Angel

T: 020 7863 8000    E:                £15 – £68

A Monster Calls – Tues 14th August 7:30pm (Touch Tour 6pm)

The Old Vic Theatre, The Cut (Waterloo)

T: 0844 871 7628    E:     £21

Disney’s Aladdin – Tues 21st August 7:30pm (Touch Tour 5:30pm)

Prince Edward Theatre, Old Compton Street

T: 0844 482 5165    E:         £25 – £47.50

Emilia – Sat 25th August 2pm (Touch Tour 12pm)

Shakespeare’s Globe, New Globe Walk

T: 020 7401 9919 E:  £5 – £48

The Jungle – Tues 28th August 7:30pm                         £15 – £65

Playhouse Theatre, Embankment

T: 0800 912 6971 E:

Telephone numbers for local theatres

New Wimbledon theatre 0844 871 7646

Bromley Theatre      0203 285 6000



  • ­Fiona Hazell, optometrist with Low Vision Clinic, will be at Bedford Hall on this date this month, Thursday 12th July, between 9.30am and 12.30pm. She gives expert advice. This is a free consultation, but please book first.
  • ­Croydon Hearing will next be here on 21st August between 11:30am and 2pm
  • ­Joseph the hairdresser is next due to be at Bedford Hall, on Thursday 26th July, from 10am. Please book first.
  • ­The chiropodist Joy Dell will here on Wednesday 27th July. Please book with Reception.
  • ­The IT Coordinator Katherine Turner has two drop-in sessions to help with any IT problems you may have. They are on Tuesday 17th July, and Wednesday 18th July, between 1.30pm – 2pm. She will be attending New Addington for a drop-in session on Thursday 19th July. Her regular Teaching sessions are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • ­The next meeting of Croydon Macular Support Group is on Monday, 9th July from 1- 3pm.
  • The Glaucoma Group will meet here next on Monday 6th August, at 1.30pm
  • ­John Ebubedike, Information, Advice and Guidance, is in every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, please book through reception.


A huge thank you to all those who helped out with collecting for Geranium day we raised £210.43

Menus for July

Menu’s will be changing due to ongoing improvement


On the Open Day:

“I found it amazing, it was lovely. I enjoyed the dancing exercise and the keep fit class, which I have never done before but was worth trying it out. What we should have done was a bit of yoga so there were other choices. Overall, everything was ok.”

Lauren Crisp

“It was a good day and I enjoyed myself.” Daniel Hemley


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Thursday 12th July.