Croydon Vision News November 2018

About David Woodin – Driver

Hello everyone,

My name is David Woodin (Dave). I am one of the drivers here at Croydon Vision. I have been with Croydon Vision since 2005.

I have had various of roles since I left school, firstly I did a year’s apprenticeship at a department store in Croydon called Grant Brothers. I was in Roffee and Clarks, which was a part of Grants, also Proberts that was a menswear shop in the little arcade going into Surrey St Market Bridge. I then worked for another menswear brand. I then decided to change fields to become a Securicor (now DHL) for twenty-eight years’ service with them.

In 2005, I came to Croydon Vision as a driver and haven’t looked back since. I ran skittles on Monday afternoons at Bedford Hall and worked Monday to Thursday until 2015. I now only work Tuesday to Thursday and am still enjoying every minute of it.


Dave Woodin – Driver

Children & Young People

Its Nicola here, I am the Children’s and young people’s project officer, this month has been all about training and updating my knowledge, It was also half term this month, so I got the opportunity to run a few more activities with the Children.

On the 10th and 11th October, I enrolled in a 2-day intensive paediatric first aid course delivered by St John’s Ambulance at their Croydon site. It proved to be a physically demanding and challenging course but I learnt a great deal and updated my basic first aid awareness and knowledge.

It was tailor-made for children so I learnt a lot about childhood illnesses, accidents and we discussed scenarios of when I might be responsible for the younger Croydon Vision members during activities on and off-site. I updated my knowledge of when and how to give CPR, how to put a child into the recovery position, administer basic first aid to cuts and grazes plus using bandages to aid suspected sprains, strains and fractures. I left the course feeling much more confident.

On 19th October myself, Anna (Volunteer) and all staff at Croydon Vision took part in a 1-day Safeguarding Training. This course was delivered by Susan Taylor, who is an experienced Social Worker and expert in Safeguarding. This course provided a great insight into what safeguarding means and how we can implement it into everything we do at Croydon Vision. Over the next few weeks, we shall be displaying further information around the office to help all our members and visitors to be aware of our safeguarding practices.

As part of half term Croydon Vision ran two fun filled events. On Wednesday 24th October the children took part in future gymnastics at Stanley park high school, and on Friday 26th October they had fun at Croydon sports arena taking part in wheels for wellbeing.

Nicola Peake – Children’s and Young People Officer

Working Age

Hello Croydon Vision readers its Trevor your working age officer, we have some very exciting events coming up this month for the Working Group and Wednesday Group. Below are details of the events we are attending and hosting.

On 7th November, we have our yearly visit Sight Village; this is where we can find out what new technology and activities there are for the VI Community.

On 14th November, we are visiting Thomas Pocklington Hub, where we will hear from VI people who have found employment. They will share their story with us.

On 29th November 17-30 to 20-00, it is the Working Age Officer Networking Event Where we will have a panel of speakers giving you all information on how to get back into employment. I hope to see you all there.

You can book appointments to see Trevor, the Working Age Officer at Croydon vision from 10:00 – 15:30 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. To book please contact reception.

Trevor Aziz – Working Age Officer


Croydon Visions AGM

Our AGM is going to be held on Tuesday the 11th December. We will have entertainment from St Mary’s Choir (Children), SELO Orchestra as well as an Ambassador for the day, Andy Barrow (Paralympic athlete). All Members and Volunteers are invited and encouraged to join us. Classes are cancelled on this day. 


A New Partnership

We are pleased to announce that South East London Orchestra (SELO) are now partners with Croydon Vision following a meeting
held in October 2018.

Some of the benefits for Croydon Vision will be:

  • Promotion of our services via SELO’s event programme
  • Complimentary concert ticket to those accompanying Members
  • Transport provision at the upcoming concert on 9th December
  • Entertainment for our Members at events
  • Working with our Children and Young People

Benefits to SELO:

  • Awareness of sight loss and improving my guide training
  • Promoting orchestra music to local communities
  • Improving accessibility at concerts for people with disabilities.

SELO was formed in 2012 to bring high-quality classical music to Beckenham and its environs. They tackle popular and challenging repertoire and have an active social scene. SELO has established itself as a successful part of the local community with a growing membership and a loyal audience. As a charity, SELO is committed to building on these foundations, to help ensure that as many people as possible in a variety of settings can enjoy the orchestra’s music. To that end, SELO would like to work with Croydon Vision and promote the orchestra.


Upcoming Concert – Sunday 9th December

SELO will be giving a programme of music relating to Christmas in which Sue Ardley plays the cello
Venue:    St Barnabas’s Church in Beckenham
Time:      4 pm – 6 pm.
Ticket:    £8, free for Volunteers supporting Members on the day.
There will be transport provision on the day and Mike as your driver. The cost of transport is funded by SELO. Programme notes in large print will be available from the office nearer the time.

Other Music Events

Tuesday 18th December

The Salamanda Saxophone Quartet is returning to Bedford Hall to give another wonderful afternoon of music after your lunch.

All welcome, no need to book unless you would like lunch and are not normally in on Tuesdays.


Thursday 20th December

Celebratory Christmas Lunch for all members and volunteers. Come and get in the Christmas spirit, enjoy your lunch followed by some Christmas music played by some members of the South East

London Orchestra

Croydon Vision provides a counselling service for its Visually Impaired members.


Counselling may be helpful if you are concerned or worried, if you are feeling anxious or uncertain, or if you are feeling unhappy or depressed. If you are experiencing one or several of these feelings, you may find it useful to talk things over with the psychologist.

The psychologist will be able to advise on whether counselling may be helpful with your particular issues – or point you in the direction of other services. It is important to say that counselling is a two-way process involving discussion. You will not be told what to do or what not to do and advice is only given if that is what you are seeking. The number of sessions you have will depend on you and your needs – it may be a one-off session or take several sessions over a period of weeks.

Thank you and if you want to chat briefly about the service please don’t hesitate to contact reception.

Dr Alan Heath – Chartered Psychologist


Celebrating Volunteers – Volunteers

Hi, my name is Jennifer Smith and I am a volunteer and member, I assist Trevor with the Working Group among other things. I was asked to write a little bit about our volunteer’s day, which happened on Tuesday, 16th October 2018.

I came in that day to do some volunteering to be sent home, it really was the day for Croydon Vision to celebrate all the people that make a massive effort to support the organisation. I came back in the middle of lunch. What can I say, I was absolutely amazed?
At Bedford Hall. The stage was decorated with balloons in Croydon Vision colours, yellow and purple. The hall was brimming with food, conversation and the feeling of togetherness and excitement could be felt.

When I came in, Susanette, our director was actually welcoming the Mayor of Croydon, Bernadette Khan, and her husband. It was so great to see. I was lucky to sit at the same table as the Mayor and her husband and engage in some lovely conversation, but what really took me was the fact that everybody was catered for on that day, a great lunch with different varieties of food for every taste.

When lunch was finished, the hall was cleared for the celebration and presentation of certificates to every person who volunteers, by our very own Fay and the Mayor.  There were also special categories for people who the staff believed had gone the extra mile in their volunteering activities.

The mayor also officially opened the resource centre.  If there was, an event that really showed the value of Croydon Vision’s work, I have to say this was the one.

Jennifer Smith – Volunteer

Celebrating Volunteers – Members

‘It was a thoroughly enjoyable day, there was wonderful food and if I was able I would have gone up for thirds!’

‘Everyone was so friendly and the Staff did a fantastic job of not allowing the volunteers to do anything, even if it was difficult for the volunteers to sit back and relax!’

‘It was really nice to be able to celebrate the volunteers that do so much for us.’

Croydon Vision Members

Celebrating Volunteers – Volunteer Coordinator

After lots of preparation and talk, the event finally came upon us. Thank you to everyone who came, it was a fantastic turnout and was wonderful to see so many Volunteers and Members in one place.

What more can you want from an event, fantastic setting, food and people. All the volunteers looked beautiful, and I as Volunteer Coordinator, was given the privilege to hand out acknowledgement certificates to all those that attended alongside the Mayor.

I am in the process of sending out the certificates to all the Volunteers who were unable to attend. The work that each and every Volunteer does here is truly incredible and I am so excited to work with them in the future.

Fay Chegwidden – Volunteer Coordinator

Resource Centre Opening

Hello, its Katherine your Resource Centre Manager, after a thoroughly enjoyable event celebrating all our fantastic volunteers, it was time to officially open the Resource Centre. The Mayor had been asked to cut the ribbon and we all waited with anticipation for it to be opened.

And then it was! All the work had been put into it from Staff, Contractors and Volunteers to get everything ready in time.

There was then the opportunity for members to have a brief tour of the centre, If you would like a look around please do phone Reception to book some time.

I am going to give you a virtual tour of the Resource Centre.

As you enter on the left, there are a selection of canes attached to the unit. When you go around the corner, you are in the kitchen section with a talking microwave and induction hob, and on the shelf above are a non-spill mug, talking and tactile measuring jugs, a liquid level indicator and a nimble.

Following the unit around, you get to the lifestyle area in which there are bathroom scales and tactile bands. As you turn around the corner, you reach the games section with a variety of large print and braille games. A little further on is the boom box that many of you already have for your talking news and an Alexa.

Then we reach the high-tech section of the room with a selection of portable, transportable and desktop electronic magnifiers. On the shelves in the next corner are all the different clocks that we must show, including the cute penguin-talking clock.

You can book in to see Katherine about any item in the Resource Centre or to have a talk about any item that is not in there.

Katherine Turner – Resource Centre Manager

Hate Crime Event

Hello, my name is Anna Smith I am a volunteer and member here at Croydon Vision helping with a variety of different things. One of my passions is getting involved with the community. I had the privilege of chairing the Disability Hate Crime forum held at Croydon Vision on Tuesday 16th October.

From Monday 15th to Friday 19th October, forums took place to discuss ‘hate crime’. This included hate crime against women, the disabled, people of other faiths and religions and the LGBT+ community. There was also a forum held for young people.

On Tuesday 16th October Croydon Vision got to host a forum of their own. Local disability groups were well represented by both professional and service users, along with representatives from Croydon Council. The forum began by considering what hate crime against disabled people meant. The meeting was very productive with some service users sharing some very personal and painful experiences of what had happened to them because of their disability.

The main thing to come out of the meeting was that hate crime against disabled people can be prevented by educating the general public about disability. It was also recognised that many of the problems experienced by disabled people occurred on public transport and this is an area that needs further investigation.

The meeting was filmed (with everyone’s permission) and this will be taken away and analysed before deciding the next steps. I felt that this was a very productive meeting that I was privileged to be a part of and I look forward to seeing what those next steps are.

Anna Smith – Volunteer

Information and Advice

Hello everyone, Its John here, this month I am covering Blind Person’s Allowance and What to know about universal credit. For any help and support completing these or if you have any other enquiry’s please book an appointment with me at reception.

Blind Person’s Allowance

Blind Person’s Allowance is an extra amount of tax-free allowance.

It means you can earn more before you start paying Income Tax.

If you and your spouse or civil partner are both eligible, you’ll each get an allowance.

You can transfer your Blind Person’s Allowance to your spouse or civil partner if you don’t pay tax or don’t earn enough to use all of your allowance.

You can claim Blind Person’s Allowance if you’re registered with your local council as blind or severely sight impaired.



New activities

Want to try new ways of staying healthy! Please see me if you have any ideas!!! Christmas will be here soon, so give us a few ideas.


John Ebubedike – Information and Advice Officer

That’s Entertainment

A selection of Audio described performances in London next month.
Please note that some of the time for Touch Tours is yet to be confirmed (TBC), please use contact details to enquire.

Date What’s Happening Contact Info Price

Wed 7th Nov – Sat 10th Nov

7th/8th/ 9th 7.30pm



CODA presents – Spectacular Spectacular

Braithwaite Hall, Croydon

T: Book via website or call reception £12.50 per part
Sun 2nd Dec
(Touch Tour 13.15)
Philip Pullman’s

Grimm Tales

Unicorn Theatre, Tooley Street




Sat 15th Dec 16.00pm Selo – South East London Orchestra

St Barnabas Church, Beckenham



T Call Reception £10
Sat 15th Dec
(Touch Tour at 16:00pm)


Dick Whittington
Lyric Hammersmith,

Lyric Square

T: : 02087416850 £10

Dates for your diary

Tuesdays & Thursday
IT Training


The IT Trainer Katherine Turner will be teaching on Tuesday and Thursday.
Tuesday to Thursday
Information & Advice
John Ebubedike, Information, Advice
and Guidance, is in Tuesday to Thursday, please book through reception.


Monday 12th November
Macular Group
Is the next meeting of Croydon Macular Support Group from 1- 3pm.
Thursday, 15th November
Low Vision Clinic
Fiona Hazell, optometrist with Low Vision Clinic, will be at Bedford Hall between 9.30am and 12.30pm. She gives expert advice. This is a free consultation, but please book first.
Thursday 15th November.
New Addington
Katherine will be at New Addington, bringing some low-tech items from the Resource Centre.
Thursday 22nd November.
New Addington
John will be at New Addington
Wednesday 28th November
The chiropodist Joy Dell will be here. Please book with Reception.


Monday 3rd December
Glaucoma Group
The Glaucoma Group will meet at Bedford Hall at 1.30pm


We were sad to hear of the death of George Oliver, Pat Narnor and Audrey Butler.

Quiz Time

On October 23rd we had employees from the Body Shop volunteering for the day with us. They took part in numerous of activities including making this month’s quiz. Thank you, Amandine & Pablo, for making this geography based quiz

  1. What is the biggest country in the world?
  2. How many inhabitants live in the biggest country in the world? a) 144.5 Million, b) 167.8 Million, or c) 129.2 Million
  3. What is the name of the widest river in the world?
  4. Where is the widest river in the world located?
  5. How many countries does the widest river run through?
  6. Which country is fondue from?
  7. What is the tallest mountain in the world?
  8. What is the main Country that the tallest mountain in the world is based in?
  9. In which forest did Robin Hood live?
  10. What is the largest island in the world?
  11. How big is the largest island in the world in square miles?  a) 725,300, b) 836,300, or c) 971,300
  12. What is the longest river in England? a) The Thames, b) The Severn, c) The Tyne
  13. Name 3 cities the longest river in England passes by?
  14. Name the seas and oceans around Great Britain?
  15. Which country does koala come from?



1 Russia, 2 144.5 Million, 3 Amazon, 4 South America, 5 Five countries: Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, 6 Switzerland, 7 Mount Everest, 8 Nepal, 9 Sherwood Forrest, 10 Greenland, 11 836,300 square miles (2.166 million square km), 12 Severn River, 13 Worcester, Bristol, Gloucester, Shrewsbury 14 North Sea, North Atlantic Ocean, English Channel, Celtic Sea, Irish Sea, 15 Australia

Lunch Menu – Bedford Hall

Croydon Vision – Eat well, Live well and Age well

All meals include a choice of main course and dessert

  Tuesday, 6th November

Meat: Roast Chicken served with Roasted Potatoes, gravy
& steamed vegetables

Vegetarian: Quorn chicken served with Roasted Potatoes, steamed vegetables & gravy

Fish: Baked Cod with Roasted Potatoes, gravy & steamed vegetables

Chocolate Orange Tart
Fresh Fruit salad with yoghurt

Wednesday, 7th November

Homemade Quiche served with mixed salad

Fresh Fruit salad with yoghurt
Thursday, 8th November

Meat: Beef lasagne served with Mixed salad (made with gluten-free pasta)

Vegetarian: Lasagne made with Quorn mince served with salad

Fish: Fish Pie served with Mixed salad

Vanilla Crème Brulee

Fresh Fruit salad with yoghurt


Tuesday, 13th November

Meat: Cottage Pie served with Steamed Vegetables & Gravy
Vegetarian: Quorn Cottage Pie served with Steamed Vegetables & Gravy

Fish: Fish pie served with Steamed Vegetables & Gravy

Homemade Pear Tart served with Custard
Seasonal fruit with yoghurt

Wednesday, 14th November

Fried Rice served with Barbecue Chicken & salad


Pannacotta served with Berries
Thursday, 15th November

Meat: Roast pork with Potatoes, gravy & steamed vegetables
Roast Quorn Sausages with Potatoes steamed vegetables & gravy
Fish: Roasted Salmon with Potatoes, gravy and steamed vegetables


Homemade Apple Pie with custard

Seasonal fruit with yoghurt


Tuesday, 20th November

Meat: Roast Lamb served with Yorkshire pudding, steamed vegetables & gravy
Vegetarian: Roast Quorn sausages served with Yorkshire pudding, steamed vegetables & gravy
Fish: Baked Cod served with Yorkshire pudding, steamed vegetables & gravy

Banoffee Pie

Seasonal fruit salad with yoghurt


Wednesday, 21st November

Homemade Pork medallion in breadcrumbs served with chips & Peas


Homemade Trifle or fresh fruit salad

Thursday, 22nd November

Meat: Freshly made Tomatoes Soup served with strips of Barbecue Chicken & soft roll or bap
Vegetarian or Pescatarian: Freshly made Tomato Soup served with soft roll or bap


Bread and Butter Pudding with Ice cream or Custard



Tuesday, 27th November

Meat: Steak and Kidney Pie served with steamed vegetables & gravy
Vegetable Pie with steamed vegetables & gravy
Baked Fish Pie served with steamed vegetables & gravy


Homemade vanilla cheesecake

Seasonal fruit with yoghurt or ice cream


Wednesday, 28th November
Jacket potatoes with toppings: cheese, Tuna, baked beans

Flat Apple & Vanilla Tart with Custard


Thursday, 29th November

Meat: Bangers and Mash served with peas & gravy

Vegetarian: Quorn Sausages served with Mash, peas & gravy

Fish: Baked Salmon served with Mash, peas & gravy

Homemade Victoria Sponge with Custard

Seasonal fruit with yoghurt


New Addington Menu
Eat well – Live well – Age well

Thursday, 8th November

Beef Lasagne served with Mixed salad (made with gluten-free pasta)

Dessert: Vanilla Crème Brûlée


 Thursday, 15th November

Roast pork with Potatoes, gravy & steamed vegetables

Dessert: Homemade Apple Pie with custard


 Thursday, 22nd November

Freshly made Tomatoes Soup served with strips of Barbecue Chicken & soft roll or bap

Dessert Bread and Butter Pudding with Ice cream or Custard


 Thursday, 29th November

Bangers and Mash served with peas & gravy

Dessert: Homemade Victoria Sponge with Custard


We would love to have your input!

Submissions for the December Newsletter are due in by Thursday 15th November.