Croydon Vision News March 2019

Music Appreciation Group

I had been thinking for some time, in what other way, could I bring a group of visually impaired/ blind people together, all with different tastes and thought, then it came to me, ‘music’. There is much that we swing to, mimic and sway to, but half if a club was offered, that gave every member the chance to explore so much more. The class was introduced last September at Croydon Vision with a small hub of friends meeting on a Monday morning where we started to appreciate each other’s tastes. Continue reading “Croydon Vision News March 2019”

Croydon Vision News February 2018



My name is Pauline Denam, I have been teaching Yoga at Bedford Hall since 1982. My greatest rewards have been noticing improvements in people that I have taught not only physical but also their self-confidence.

No person has to be super flexible or super fit. Yoga is for all its a gradual progression in your individual self. Your practice of the exercises can be performed sitting on a chair or lying on a yoga mat on the floor, you are in charge. I will be there to guide you and show you the safest way to perform. Continue reading “Croydon Vision News February 2018”

Croydon Vision Newsletter January 2019

To our Members, Volunteers and Staff

2018 was an exciting and productive year as we embarked on our own continuous improvement journey. The achievements would not have been possible without your support and I am grateful to have such an amazing team of people to work with.

We began the year by listening more to each other, setting up Group meetings – bringing Volunteers and Staff together, working more effectively to meet the needs of our members. Suggestion box became an active communication toolbox for our Members. Continue reading “Croydon Vision Newsletter January 2019”

TFL Bus Consultation

 TFL would like your views on proposed changes to bus routes serving Croydon town centre. They are proposing that some bus routes terminate on the side of the town centre from which they approach, so they would no longer cross the town centre. 

 These proposed changes would help maintain reliability of services in Croydon by making the bus network simpler and more efficient. 

 The buses that will be affected are: 50, 75, 109, 154, 197, 250, 264, 403, 405, 412 and 433. 

 For full details and to share your views, please visit: 

This consultation will run until Sunday 13 January 2019. 

 If you would like to take part in this consultation, need help, please book an appointment with Katherine our Resource Manager.

AGM and Annual Review

Our AGM is fast approaching on Tuesday 11th December

A PDF of the Croydon Vision – Annual Review 2018 is on the About us page, a Word version is available on request from 

There is an Audio Playlist of the Annual Review below on the About Us Page, within it is included a summary of Our Final Accounts for the year ending 31st March 2018

A full version of our Accounts are also available on the About Us page.

Croydon Vision News October 2018

Children & Young People

The long summer holidays ended with two amazing activities, which enabled the children to venture out of their comfort zone! On Thursday 30th August, a large group of us visited the wonderful Kingsmead Riding Stables in Warlingham. The children learnt a variety of safety skills working with horses, with the opportunity to brush and groom them. The stable staff then ensured all of the children were measured up for hats and they have to meet their ponies for the first time.

Continue reading “Croydon Vision News October 2018”