New!!! Group for Visually Impaired women New!!!

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new group at Croydon Vision aimed at blind and partially sighted women living in the South of London.
This will be a group that meets monthly, focused on:
• Meeting up with other women with sight loss
• Shared interests
• Lifestyle and experiences as a visually impaired woman
• Group support, fun, laughter and friendship
• Activities and events Continue reading “New!!! Group for Visually Impaired women New!!!”

Croydon Vision News May 2017

Questions, Questions, Questions

by Jeff Page, chief executive

We are used these days to being asked our opinion on a plethora of issues. Feedback on online purchases, what we think of council services, the stay at a bed and breakfast; the list seems limitless.

If, like me, you tend to avoid this type of questioning you’ll understand why I’m keen to thank all those currently helping us out with giving their opinions on sight loss services in Croydon.

It is important that we build a body of evidence to take to organizations that potentially fund our work. It is also vital that we plan our services and the direction that Croydon Vision takes on the basis of what local visually impaired people tell us. Continue reading “Croydon Vision News May 2017”

Croydon Vision News April 2017

A word of thanks

by Jeff Page, chief executive


There are many components that make up an effective charity; hard-working staff, dedicated volunteers and the money to do the job required being among the most important.

You don’t need me to tell you that Croydon Vision benefits from excellent staff and volunteers who are always prepared to go the extra distance for the benefit of members. Continue reading “Croydon Vision News April 2017”

Focus Group on Wednesday 5th April

Have Your Say!

The Croydon Vision Focus Group

We would like to inform you about a focus group session that will be taking place at Croydon Vision, on Wednesday 5th April at 2 PM, and should last around one and a half hours.

What is it?

This group session is an opportunity visually impaired people in Croydon to talk about their experience of sight loss, whether good or bad. It is an opportunity for you to voice your opinion on what is needed in your community, especially in the initial months after diagnosis. The group will be facilitated by Visionary staff member; Jen Eathorne, and overseen by Alex Pepper from Thomas Pocklington Trust.  All comments aired at the group will remain anonymous. Continue reading “Focus Group on Wednesday 5th April”


Mark Bright, the professional footballer and Crystal Palace star –  now a TV football pundit – has joined the campaign to warn Croydon residents, especially those of African, Caribbean heritage, of the dangers of the eye disease glaucoma which; undetected and untreated can make people blind.

Mark’s face fronts thousands of leaflets that will be distributed in the borough, warning people that with glaucoma there are no symptoms so an eye test is vital. Continue reading “MARK BRIGHT JOINS CAMPAIGN TO CUT NUMBERS OF CROYDON PEOPLE GOING BLIND”

Croydon Vision News March 2017

We win the

£1,000 !

 by Jeff Page, chief executive

The Heart of Croydon awards ceremony took place on February 21 at Chiquitos in Valley Park Leisure, Croydon.  The event, and the whole competition was organised by the Croydon Advertiser, and the awards were sponsored by Aberdeen Asset Management.

There was a half-dozen strong contingent from Croydon Vision, staff and trustees, on the night.

And we were delighted to receive a cheque for £1,000 from Phil Huby, the head of retail at Aberdeen Asset Management.

The money will go towards the cost of our computer training lessons and equipment.

Continue reading “Croydon Vision News March 2017”

​Jeff’s Secondment

Up to the end of March Jeff is acting as CEO for our neighbouring charity of Merton Vision and sharing his time between Croydon and Merton.

A huge gap has been left at Merton by the retirement of Fran Hibbert who left as Merton’s CEO in December. The secondment arrangement has been overseen by the national charity Thomas Pocklington Trust and will be a beneficial one for Croydon Vision.


Croydon Vision News February 2017

I’m getting ready

for my big run


by Jeff Page, chief executive


Continuing from my commitment last month to take on the Great South Run as a fund-raiser for Croydon Vision, a training programme has begun in earnest.  Running shoes have been unearthed from the cupboard under the stairs, and years of dust blown off.

The A36 is the main road from Southampton to Bath and it passes through Salisbury at the end of my garden, at the top of a steep bank.

It is handy in that our stretch of the route is almost totally flat  –  excellent terrain for the novice or returning runner.

The stretch from the house to the edge of the Wilton Estate park wall is 1.3 miles, according to Fitbit.  My running partner is my 11 year old daughter Martha, who will fit in this training as part of her busy sporting timetable of gymnastics, circuit training and kick-boxing.

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Croydon Vision News January 2017

I’m running for

Croydon Vision


by Jeff Page, chief executive
Sight loss charities seem to have embraced a spirit of co-operation in recent years which is heartening to witness.  I recently attended the London Visual Impairment Forum at which this refreshing trend was to the fore.

I’m sure the odd dispute still occurs between charities but the focus of the meeting, held in the RNIB’s headquarters in Judd Street, near Euston Station, was of putting efficient delivery of services to people with sight loss first. Continue reading “Croydon Vision News January 2017”

Croydon Vision News December 2016

Big plans to work

with children


by Jeff Page, chief executive

I’d like to start this month by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Again another year has rushed past us and with the holiday breaking our usual routines, we get time to reflect on the year past and consider what’s ahead.

It’s been an exciting year for me, having started working at Croydon Vision in February.  I’ve been lucky to find myself among a group of dedicated staff, volunteers and trustees.

It has been a pleasure to meet members and listen to their ideas and suggestions.  I’ve had a very positive experience joining the charity and I consider it my job to enable us to support, inform and entertain more of Croydon’s population of blind and partially sighted people.

Continue reading “Croydon Vision News December 2016”