Croydon Vision News July 2018

Open Day

Well what an enjoyable day it was, the weather was perfect, the atmosphere was one of laughter, fun and engagement.

It was great to arrive and see tables all scattered around the car park, the barbeque emanating inviting smells and all the volunteers and staff decked out in the CV purple polo shirts.

The Mayor gave us an interesting speech in which she said she empathised with what we were doing as she fostered children and one was a blind boy.

The visitors who were all given the CV welcome pack on arrival were so impressed with what Croydon Vision is offering members. Continue reading “Croydon Vision News July 2018”

Croydon Vision News June 2018

Natasha Thompson-Campbell – Office Manager

Hello everyone my name is Natasha and I am the new Office Manager at Croydon Vision.

I graduated from Middlesex University 3 years ago and studied International Business with Spanish. During my studies, I worked alongside local charities such as Oxfam and Age UK which I found very rewarding. After studying, I lived in the south of France in a small town called Apt, whereby I taught English in a few primary schools. I am almost trilingual but would like to enhance my French.

Furthermore, my work experiences vary from administration, mentoring and business management. Before joining Croydon Vision I worked in the business travel sector, assisting clients with their travel needs and requests. However, the corporate sector was not where I wanted to be so I decided to revert into working with charities. Continue reading “Croydon Vision News June 2018”

Croydon Vision News May 2018

Big Lottery

Dear Members,

The recent news from BIG lottery (Reaching Communities) was a triumph; we have been granted a 3year budget to undertake the project “Seeing the Bigger Picture.” This project is focused on developing a resource room, formalising volunteering services and creating sight loss champion/ambassador programme in the community.

A big thank you to everyone, your support, help and contribution made this possible.

This fund will bring in new opportunities’, to maintain service provision as well as reach out to support more people with sight loss.

Furthermore, it will enable us to improve our organisational strengths, creating a more robust, efficient and sustainable way of working – thereby ensuring Croydon Vision continues for many more years to come.
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Message to ask people to write to their MP to attend the APPG on Eye Health and Visual Impairment capacity inquiry report launch reception

1. Sending the message in an email

Email subject line: Act now to stop people losing sight

The NHS eye care system is currently failing patients, service provision is not keeping pace with demand, meaning that hospitals are delaying and cancelling appointments, resulting in people losing sight.

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Eye Health and Visual Impairment (APPG) held an inquiry in to this problem and on June 6 will release its findings at a report launch event.

Ask your MP to attend the event and help to stop people losing sight due to delayed and cancelled appointments. You can either use the template letter attached and send it to your MP or take RNIB’s simple online action which will send the letter to your MP for you. Visit


Many thanks

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Croydon Vision News April 2018

Janet – Finance Officer Croydon Vision


Firstly may I introduce myself, my name is Janet Mundy and I am the Finance Officer here at Croydon Vision. I joined here in October last year; you may have seen me around probably making myself a cup of tea!

Usually I am tucked away in an office counting money and paying bills but for the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to work on the front reception desk. This has been an invaluable experience as I have been able to see what really goes on at the centre and of course have met some wonderful people who participate in the various activities that go on each day. This has helped me in my finance role as I have some background to every transaction which somehow makes my job more fulfilling. Continue reading “Croydon Vision News April 2018”

Croydon Vision News March

From Susanette

It has been an eventful few weeks engaging with members, volunteers, staffs and external bodies

Huge thanks to all group leaders’ your passion and desire for Croydon Vision is admirable. A special thanks to Rachel
(Volunteer Coordinator), for organising leaders meetings over the past few weeks. Things discussed included, open days, fundraising for specific equipment’s, Promoting awareness of Croydon Vision within the community.

Please inform your group leaders of any matter you would like raised at our quarterly meetings or use the suggestion boxes; located at reception and another at Bedford Hall.

From April’s newsletter you will hear from other staff members, the great work they do at Croydon Vision. I will still be involved having a page titled; “Members suggest; my response”

We are currently reviewing systems to comply with GDPR
(General Data Protection Regulation), taking effect May 2018, this regulation will see the bar set higher for charities in terms of how we obtain and manage data. Thank you for your cooperation throughout this process. Continue reading “Croydon Vision News March”

Croydon Vision News February 2018

A Letter from our New Director

It has been great meeting many of you; getting to know people, and hearing about your thoughts, your ideas and the challenges within the organisation. I have been hugely impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment there is for our members and for promoting the great work by Croydon Vision.

I have worked within the voluntary sector for some years having transitioned from the private sector. I have a passion and drive to promote social action, empowering and supporting individuals and organisations to inform and influence society. My background is business and financial management with experience in operations, strategic management and team development. Continue reading “Croydon Vision News February 2018”

Croydon Vision News January 2018

Bill’s Final Words

When I leave at the end of January I will have been with you for 7 months. This has been a mere moment in the history of Croydon Vision but an interesting and eventful time for me.

Newcomers to Croydon Vision comment on the warm welcome they receive and this was certainly my experience, too. There is something organic about the place with members, volunteers, trustees and staff mingling freely to get things done. In my view we are already delivering an impressive and appropriate range of services to local visually impaired people. The flip-side of our informal and flexible approach, however, is that more formal systems, procedures and processes are not as well developed as they could be

It has been my responsibility to implement the staff review initiated by Jeff Page and the last few months have seen substantial change. Inevitably it has been unsettling as we say farewell to staff who have contributed so much, over many years. As one door closes, however, another opens and we have also welcomed new colleagues who have brought fresh energy and new ideas. Continue reading “Croydon Vision News January 2018”