Croydon Vision News August 2018

Nataliya Lavitskaya
Finance and Database Officer

Hello everyone, my name is Nataliya Lavitskaya and I am the new Finance and Database Officer.

Originally, I am from Belarus. I came to the UK in 2001. Initially, I worked as a store manager, then decided to obtain a UK Accounting qualification based on my University degree from Belarus. From 2011 I worked in the private sector, then later joined Merton Community Transport as Accountant Administrator.

Finance was always my passion. On top of this, I had such a great experience with my first community job, which helped me to understand what I wanted to do in the future.

Since joining Croydon Vision, I have worked both in finance and Reception, giving me an opportunity to meet members, volunteers and trustees. It enabled me to understand that Croydon Vision is not just an organisation that helps and support people, but is more like a big family where everyone is caring and supportive of each other.

Last month we had our first big event: An Open Day. We had such a lovely time with members, guests and volunteers. It was a great opportunity for everyone to get to know more about the services and each other.

Thank you to everyone for your help and support during my first few months at Croydon Vision, I am happy to be part of your Team. Continue reading “Croydon Vision News August 2018”

Croydon Vision News July 2018

Open Day

Well what an enjoyable day it was, the weather was perfect, the atmosphere was one of laughter, fun and engagement.

It was great to arrive and see tables all scattered around the car park, the barbeque emanating inviting smells and all the volunteers and staff decked out in the CV purple polo shirts.

The Mayor gave us an interesting speech in which she said she empathised with what we were doing as she fostered children and one was a blind boy.

The visitors who were all given the CV welcome pack on arrival were so impressed with what Croydon Vision is offering members. Continue reading “Croydon Vision News July 2018”

Croydon Vision News June 2018

Natasha Thompson-Campbell – Office Manager

Hello everyone my name is Natasha and I am the new Office Manager at Croydon Vision.

I graduated from Middlesex University 3 years ago and studied International Business with Spanish. During my studies, I worked alongside local charities such as Oxfam and Age UK which I found very rewarding. After studying, I lived in the south of France in a small town called Apt, whereby I taught English in a few primary schools. I am almost trilingual but would like to enhance my French.

Furthermore, my work experiences vary from administration, mentoring and business management. Before joining Croydon Vision I worked in the business travel sector, assisting clients with their travel needs and requests. However, the corporate sector was not where I wanted to be so I decided to revert into working with charities. Continue reading “Croydon Vision News June 2018”

Croydon Vision News May 2018

Big Lottery

Dear Members,

The recent news from BIG lottery (Reaching Communities) was a triumph; we have been granted a 3year budget to undertake the project “Seeing the Bigger Picture.” This project is focused on developing a resource room, formalising volunteering services and creating sight loss champion/ambassador programme in the community.

A big thank you to everyone, your support, help and contribution made this possible.

This fund will bring in new opportunities’, to maintain service provision as well as reach out to support more people with sight loss.

Furthermore, it will enable us to improve our organisational strengths, creating a more robust, efficient and sustainable way of working – thereby ensuring Croydon Vision continues for many more years to come.
Continue reading “Croydon Vision News May 2018”