Lauren’s Story

‘I have learned so much since coming to Croydon Vision. It’s so much better than in my early days.

I now live on my own, confidently. My mum says Croydon Vision is a God-send.’ – Lauren

Andrew on the counselling we provide

I was shocked when I lost most of my sight overnight. I was angry, took it out on my family, and must have been a nightmare to live with. Eventually I was persuaded to go for counselling at Croydon Vision and bit by bit I got my head right. It took a long time, but I am now reconciled, at peace in the home, and finding new ways to do the things I used to do. It’s like a black cloud has been lifted.


Claire on the Social Groups

‘I’ve been coming for 25 years since I first started losing my sight, it is absolutely marvellous. I have found love and companionship and have enjoyed doing things I never would have imagined. I now lead one of our social groups. There really is life after blindness.

I am now completely blind but at least now I save on the electric!’


Makham on the Lunch Club

I’ve been coming for eight years to the music and other groups. I get to meet all sorts of different people from different cultures. It’s good to chat at the Lunch Club where they understand my dietary needs.