A member on Help with Attendance Allowance application

I was encouraged to get the application forms for Attendance Allowance, a benefit I didn’t believe I would be entitled to. Croydon Vision helped me with the forms and gathering all the evidence and chased and challenged the DWP when things went wrong. The end result I got the full benefit so I can now pay someone to help me do all the things I have been wanting to do for years. I feel so much safer at home and better in myself

A member on the community

Croydon VIsion made me feel welcome and part of a community. Gave good advice and answered questions.

Instead of standing still after sight loss diagnosis Croydon Vision allowed me to progress and move forward.

A big advantage is that I can talk to others in the same position and discover their solutions to a problem I may have. It’s important to be part of the association it makes me feel normal, as opposed to floundering in the outside world.

A member on Social activites

Croydon Vision made me feel welcome. I know I’m not alone (or feeling like it) with a sight problem.

I also have a chance to help others through volunteering.
I find out news of ‘eye’ developments.

There is a weekly recorded news of possible interest to more.