Ann on IT

When I came to my first lesson I was petrified of technology, during the first year my confidence grew and has continued to progress ever since.

Now I just want to learn more!


Croydon Vision helps me through socialising and meeting people and bringing everyone together


Croydon Vision has a very effective and informative Information Support and Advice Service and IT services.

It also helps by inviting visiting services to meet our needs.

The social Groups make my visits to Croydon Vision very interactive and Inclusive

Lauren’s Story

‘I have learned so much since coming to Croydon Vision. It’s so much better than in my early days.

I now live on my own, confidently. My mum says Croydon Vision is a God-send.’ – Lauren

Andrew on the counselling we provide

I was shocked when I lost most of my sight overnight. I was angry, took it out on my family, and must have been a nightmare to live with. Eventually I was persuaded to go for counselling at Croydon Vision and bit by bit I got my head right. It took a long time, but I am now reconciled, at peace in the home, and finding new ways to do the things I used to do. It’s like a black cloud has been lifted.


Claire on the Social Groups

‘I’ve been coming for 25 years since I first started losing my sight, it is absolutely marvellous. I have found love and companionship and have enjoyed doing things I never would have imagined. I now lead one of our social groups. There really is life after blindness.

I am now completely blind but at least now I save on the electric!’