A PDF copy of our Services leaflet can be downloaded, this gives an overview of what we run and when it runs, a word version is available upon request

Croydon Vision Service Leaflet

Children enjoying a party

Children & Young People

In an exciting new development we are working with Croydon Council to offer a programme of events to children and young people age 0 to 19.

The emphasis is on fun and new learning experiences and parents of sight impaired youngsters are invited to get in touch for full details.

Brothers and sisters are welcome too and parents can meet others and chat.

A member in an IT Lesson

Computer Training & New Technology

The ability to use a computer to email friends and relatives, send messages to businesses, chat to people around the globe, adds to the richness of life.

Our Counsellor in a session


Croydon Vision offers professional counselling by counsellors with experience of vision impairment.

Sight loss can result in personal and family trauma and many can testify to the help our counselling service has given them.

A small contribution towards the cost is requested.


Beach Sandcastle and Deckchair


During our August closure, we use our minibuses to go out on excursions.

The Glaucoma Group

Eye condition groups

There are special eye groups for those with one of the four main conditions leading to sight loss – Glaucoma, Age-related Macular Degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa and Nystagmus.

These well attended groups hear about the latest eye health treatments and swap experiences.

The Group leader of the Bowls in action

Healthy Living

Croydon Vision has always sought to help people with sight loss to be as active and as fit as possible.

Our inforamtion officer giving advice

Information and Advice and Advocacy

What can you do to slow sight deterioration? How important is it to get registered? What help is at hand? And what about financial and other benefits for blind and partially sighted people?

There are so many questions, and Croydon Vision can provide the answers…

A purple telephone

Keeping in Touch

Just because you can’t come to us doesn’t mean you have to be out of contact. For those who are unable to visit us we run a service where we Keep in touch.

One of our members in our Low Vision Clinic

Low Vision Clinic

Croydon Vision’s Low Vision Clinic, led by experienced optometrist Fiona Hazell, helps people make the most of whatever sight they may have.

Free examination and advice on what lighting and aids you can use.

Our Cook carving meat for a Roast

Lunch Club

It is difficult to cook when you have little or no sight and our Lunch Club offers hot, nutritious meals cooked in our kitchen on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays each week.

It’s not just a good hot meal (for £4, two courses) but a chance to meet, chat and do other things.

A member of the pottery class

New Experiences

New things to learn, new challenges to enjoy. Why not try…

A member cooking using the microwave


Rehabilitation services are provided by Croydon Council’s superb Sensory Impairment Team. They undertake a visual assessment, provide advice and training around orientation & mobility, long/guide/symbol cane training …….

A social group completing a crossword

Social Groups

There is nothing worse for a person with sight loss than isolation and loneliness in their home. That is why we provide a number of social groups which are interesting and fun.

A Working Age group discusses everything from the latest technology devices to employment possibilities.

Our Presenter recording the Talking News

Talking Newspaper

Just because you can’t read it doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with the local news. We have a Talking Newspaper with  all the news from Croydon plus a special Magazine Section full of interest. Weekly, only £10 a year.

We can also show you how to get the nationals and your favourite magazines on CDs, emails and online.

A driver assisting a member off of the minibus


We do all we can to encourage people with sight loss to be independent but for those who find travel extremely difficult we do provide transport (£3 per trip each way).

The Working Age Group in a Cafe

Working Age Group

This project is aimed at adults with a visual
impairment or who are blind who are of a working age. Our aim is to give these adults the encouragement to get involved in activities to enhance their physical and emotional well-being.