Rehabilitation services are provided by Croydon Council’s superb Sensory Impairment Team. They undertake a visual assessment, provide advice and training around orientation & mobility, long/guide/symbol cane training as well as daily living skills and home adaptations.  Services are available to anyone with a permanent and significant sight loss in both eyes.

If you receive a CVI (Certificate of Visual Impairment) from a consultant ophthalmologist at an eye unit, it is sent to the local authority who are responsible for holding the sight loss register.  The Sensory Impairment Team will register you either sight impaired/partially sighted or severely sight impaired/blind and provide the necessary services, registration is voluntary and relies on you giving verbal consent.

Receiving a CVI can be a bit of a shock, with this in mind there is an Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO) based at the hospital who is on hand to talk things through, the ECLO can advise and put you in touch with Croydon Vision, local Sensory Team or both.

A CVI can be important in obtaining financial and other benefits/concessions which will help in making you independent.

Lauren’s Story

‘I have learned so much since coming to Croydon Vision. It’s so much better than in my early days.

I now live on my own, confidently. My mum says Croydon Vision is a God-send.’ – Lauren